Sunday, September 7, 2008

Start again

Hi there. Long time no see.
I've not posted for a long long time.
But, today, I just start my photo blog again from Japan.

2 photos, of my summer holiday.

One is photo of kaminari-mon in Asakusa.
It was very hot and humid day and too many tourists.
In summer, it's so hard to see the sights of Tokyo.

Another one is photo of Beer-garden in Tokyo.
Such event is rare in Japan.
Cuz few people drink in the afternoon in Japan.
Drinking while the sun is shining is very good for me.
I have few chance to go such a event in Japan.

I'll continue updating and studying English in Japan.
My English is not so good and I have to try my best.

Ja mata.


JM said...

Is that a temple or something of the kind? It's beautifull!
Allways too many turist everywhere on summer... :-)

zono said...

Hello, thanks for check my page!!

That temple is called "Sensou-ji (Sensou-temple)".
It's very famous temple in Tokyo.
and, yeah, too many people were there... ^^;