Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's a beautiful day

On October, I will go to Asagiri Jam. Last year, I'd attended and enjoyed it. Asagiri Jam is a famous music festival held in Asagiri kougen near Mt.Fuji. The 2 day event features Japanese and international musicians performing on 2 stages. It’s not bigger than Fuji Rock Festival. But Asagiri Jam is known as very beautiful music festival.

Asagiri Jam official photograph ( )


Beetle said...

Thanks for stopped by Cologne,I like the beautiful mountain in the backround

zono said...

Thanks for your visiting. In this October, I'll go this festival again. In Japan, the days held this festival are national holiday called "Health and Sports Day". Every year, these days clear up! So we can listen and watch beautiful music and view.