Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hello. Welcome to my blog.

I'm a Japanese university student. This is photo blog of travel and daily life in Japan and Asia. I love travel and taking pictures of travel and daily life. I will introduce you to Japanese life through pictures and stories. I love Japan. In Japan, we can see beautiful scenery in all seasons. I want you to know about Japan. If you watch this site and are interested in Japan, I'm so happy.

My English is not good. But I'll try it.
Please love Japan and come to Japan!!


Ayumi said...

I love Japan too.My favorite place in Japan is Kyoto.

Kensaku said...

Hi!! Your blog seems to be interesting for me because I want to know more about my own country.

zono said...

Hi Ayumi.
I love Kyoto, too. We can see many famous temples in Kyoto. I like the view especially from Kiyomizu-dera! It’s very beautiful!

zono said...

Hi Kensaku. Did you go to school today? I was absent.
I think so. It is very important to know about our country. History, culture, and so on.